June 18, 2019

The Man I Supposedly Call “Father”

The Man I Supposedly Call “Father” A lot of people in this world have fathers. Some are fortunate enough. Some are not. Some have many. Some have none. I, however, belong to the vast group of kids with fathers. Now, I am 14 years old. Most people think teenagers don’t give mind to their parents. But it’s Father’s Day and I’d like to publicize my affection by writing this. This is my Father’s Day gift. Usually, it’s some sappy card or sloppy craft. And it just absolutely amazes me how parents can still appreciate something so… inept. I’m sure there's a lot to being a father. For one, you have to make a ton of sacrifices which evolve as you grow. 

When I was a baby, it was diaper changing. As a toddler, it was feeding me spinach. I still detest spinach though. I don’t know how my dad keeps us alive, while he fulfills his ambitions. I'm sure by his age, most parents don’t care about their own wishes anymore. My dad wanted to be an actor, from his childhood. It’s been almost 40 years and still, he’s trying. He’s not like Leonardo DiCaprio famous, but everyone knows him as an actor. He has to travel abroad a lot, and it’s definitely taken a toll on his family. Most kids see their dads in the morning and again in the evening. My dad goes to India for as long as six months at a time! I was always sad to see my mom sit out during couples’ games at parties. I used to hate seeing my friends hug their fathers because mine was nowhere near. But, the more he travels, the more I’m thankful he’s here. 

There’s always an empty void in our family when he’s gone. But I have a ton to say about him when he’s at home. We like to refer to our dad as a “neat-freak. I’ll explain this. Basically, my dad acts like he’s about to murder me when he sees something on the floor. He will start raging if he sees a drop of water on the sink. He literally starts sneezing if he sees dust in a movie or something! He’s also a health-freak. Our fridge is basically filled with only green things when he’s here. Well, that and Corona Beers. He also won’t let us waste food and he can’t stand fast food. He also will Not. Stop. Cleaning. A good chunk of our summer break has been spent cleaning the house. There are good things and annoying things about my dad. But, I still love him. I think it’s hilarious how he can still crack jokes when he’s mad. He’s a good man. He respects women. He loves everyone. And he’s a good dad. I’m happy I have him as a dad. Love you Dad! 

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